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Purchase & User Condition Order Agreement

A Prostaff X 21 profiles (set of two) introductory price until Dec 2018 150.00
B Prostaff X shorter staffs cropped for car boot carrying etc. 150.00
C Pointmaster Raking Tool with 11 High Tensile Raking Pins


D Pointmaster recessed iron 8 mm wide 4.50 .
DD Pointmaster recess iron 10mm wide 5.00 .
D1 Pointmaster bucket handle iron 5.00 .
D2 Pointmaster weather-struck iron 5.00 .
E Pointmaster Iron Housing, one 8mm Recessed Iron, & Alan Key 12.00 .
E1 Pointmaster High Tensile Raking Pins 53mm long   (10 in pack) 3.60 .
F Pointmaster traditional bucket iron              6.00 .
G Pointmaster traditional arrow head                6.00 .
H Pointmaster traditional fillet iron                    6.00 .
I Pointmaster specials made to order           POA .
J Pointmaster Alan Key                                      1.80 .
K Aluminium corner blocks          (set of two) 5.00 .
L to Q  Spares POA   .
R The "Jak" the brick carrier tool       20.00 .
S Kerb lifting tongs            70.00 .
T Pointmaster System Mortar Gun 20.00 .
U Add small items pack & delivery up to a 15k order = £15.00 to PRICE

Add an extra £10.00 for a long box delivery = £25.00 to PRICE

Make sure you add for delivery above

     Sub total

We reserve the right to change without prior notice E & E O     VAT@ 20%  £  
Items will remain A.P.T. property until payment is received

Grand Total


Make Cheque payable to D J Jones
and send to:  D J Jones APT, 27 Pantyfid Road, Aberbargoed, Mid Glamorgan, CF81 9DT

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New Prostaff X Introductory Offer Price

until notified at anytime

Email Dave Jones:


“Purchase and User Condition Order Agreement page 2 below”






“Purchase and User Condition Order Agreement as follows”:

This agreement must include any APT Items Tools Parts Legs Components and Replacements etc.

Upon sale or acquirement of any Tool or Item or Part the purchaser/owner/user must be responsible for its correct assembly and safe working order and use and must inspect any Tool Item or Parts daily for lubrication and/or adjustment and must adhere to any directions given on any APT assembly leaflet provided and must inspect all parts including the bolts for damage wear or deviation and if found must replace the whole Tool Item or Part immediately.

Only approved and appropriate lifting slings and/or chains or the like must be used with APT lifting Tools and must be tested accordingly with their regulations of use. Bodily Limbs must not be within four meters of any swing and/or fall angle of machine lifted Tools and/or products and a latch pole or rope must be used for control. Machine operators must not travel with any lifted Tools or Items nor jerk nor swing any object in the process of and/or lifting placing and bedding-in. The Lifting Tool can be used to "manually manoeuvre" the product via the handles for slight bedding-in but only when it is stopped on its bedding-in location. No product should be manhandled at anytime including on the bed to try to lift or manoeuvre it whereby a stoop could cause back strain or fingers under the product could cause bodily injury. Bodily Limbs must not be within the fall angle of any machine or manually lifted and/or manoeuvred Item or product. All lifting and lifted Items must only be used at ground level. All Tools must only be used on new dry clean products. Any Tool or Item must only be used for lifting its intended specified product. All Instructions including Health & Safety (HSE) standards and lifting rules and (SWL) Safe Working Load limits must be adhered to at all times.

Standards and/or additions must not be manufactured or used or copied or modified or repaired in any way or offered for hire or sale or resale or reward.

A.P.T. Patent applications designs parts and systems must only be used with APT products.

Contravention of any of the terms and/or SWL or HSE standards or rules will be a breach of this Purchase and User Condition Order Agreement and/or infringement of either/and/or Patent Rights or Trade Mark Rights or Intellectual Rights or Copyrights or Legal Rights or Design Rights and/or all Rights Reserved.

This Purchase and User Condition Order Agreement must be the knowledgeable acceptance by any purchase or acquirement of any Tool or Item or Part by and for and/or any user of which any user must be fully instructed of each use and fully informed of all of the conditions here written prior to any use of any item and current conditions will be provided at anytime and must be made fully available to any user to be adhered to and applied at all times and any person firm business or company and so on who may breach any of the terms of this Purchase and User Condition Order Agreement then they must be held fully responsible and liable for all costs and/or losses etc associated with any breach and/or associated breach .

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